The Curriculum

At St Andrew’s school we believe that learning should be life-long, and it is the responsibility of the school to promote and encourage this through a curriculum that engages, informs and equips our students for their futures.

St Andrew’s school provides an environment designed to challenge the students’ academic ability and social and communication skills whilst ensuring the students feel safe, secure and confident in their learning. Our teaching staff are trained in TEACCH which promotes teaching methods sympathetic to our students needs and classrooms organised to help them access their learning.  

The learning journey at St Andrew’s begins in Key Stage Two and continues through to the end of Key Stage Four. Throughout this time St Andrew’s supports our students as they learn literacy, numeracy, science, life skills and social skills. As well as these ‘core’ subjects St Andrew’s teaches ICT, PE, art music, history, geography, and citizenship. By year 10 students will have the opportunity to choose their option subjects to learn alongside the core subjects, with the expectation that exams will be completed in most. Our qualifications range from GCSEs, Functional skills and Entry level certificates. By the conclusion of their learning journey the school supports students and their parents or carers in their application and transition to post 16 education.


The school’s curriculum is broad, balanced and includes, where appropriate, all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. There is a particular emphasis on core subjects and on personal skills so as to address significant gaps in previous learning.

Key Stage 2

We have a primary approach to our KS2 learning. There are specialist teachers who will work with the students focusing on different subject areas.  The emphasis is on engagement and creativity.  Assessment and tracking will relate back to the National Curriculum progression guidance.

Key Stage 3

Learning takes account of the particular barriers and vulnerabilities of each learner. The balance between cross-curricular and subject-specific themes will depend on the engagement and interest of the learner, but assessment and tracking will in all classes relate back to National Curriculum progression.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to follow a more flexible curriculum.  Academic qualifications are offered via Entry Level, Functional Skills and GCSE examinations in a range of subjects.  The level of qualification entered for will be based on each student's ability.  Vocational qualifications are also made available.

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